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Last modified on September 5, 2023

Welcome to the internet’s premier resource for computer guides. Whether you’re looking to run your own Linux server, or just trying to setup your graphics card, has useful, easy-to-follow steps on how to do it.

Server Software

Title Description
Mumble Voice call with friends, even over Tor/I2P.
MongoDB A simple guide to installing and using the Mongo Database.
Monero Node Contribute to the Monero network by hosting a copy of the blockchain.
Matrix Dendrite A faster server implementation of Matrix written in Go.
Matrix Synapse Host your own federated messaging server using the Matrix protocol.
NGINX Host static websites, services over HTTP(S) and more.
Coturn A STUN and TURN server that allows users to perform WebRTC calls while being behind NATs.
SQL A collection of guides on installing and managing SQL databases on the server.
Vichan A simple imageboard engine written in PHP.
Dnsmasq Host your own DNS server to block ads and social media.
Prosody A minimalist XMPP chat server.
ejabberd A chat server based on XMPP.
PeerTube Your own self-hosted video-site, also compatible with Activity Pub.

Client Software

Title Description
NVIDIA on Linux A simple guide on how to use NVIDIA on Linux.